When decorating a bathroom, most of our choices start with either a traiditional style or a modern one. If you choose a classic bathroom, then you’ll want to choose classical elements in every part of the design, from the furnishings to the fixtures, drawer pulls and of course the bathroom tile. If you want to portray a vintage or classic experience, you don’t need to give up the comforts of the modern era. If your taste is modern, clean aesthetics convey style and class. Regardless of which path you start with, you and your designer will want to bring all the elements together to create a unified look.

The products you use have to be of high quality and ideal for your requirements in your bathroom remodel. Small spaces deserve as much open space as possible; clutter and overcrowding serves no purpose in any sized bathroom. Set up a shower cabin with additional attributes that can offer you the same convenience as a tub. Never compromise on quality. It is essential to pick suitable materials that can face the humidity and the constant cleaning in this room. You might choose travertine tiles for both the walls and floor. When sealed correctly they can turn into the finest choice and create a comfortable and cozy environment.

The next issue on the list should be functionality. This means that your bathroom has to be practical, useful and easy to maintain. Because this is usually a small room, everything in it has to be chosen wisely. The secret would be purchasing bathroom cabinets that do not take to much space. They also should be made out of materials that do not get damaged by humidity. The walls and the floors have to be easy to clean. From this point of view natural stone tiles are extremely easy to maintain and on a daily basis they do not require special cleaning procedures.

Quality of materials is one of the biggest factors in a successful bathroom remodel and a disaster. We have seen clients who found us after they “saved money” with a disaster project — inferior natural stone, cracking porcelain, color inconsistency and a host of other problems. Choose the best possible tile that is within your budget and plans for the home and you won’t regret it. Especially in a bathroom, quality is very important; it’s an active room with temperature fluctuations, moisture issues and one that will either be your private sanctuary or a public stopping point for guests. Bathroom tile is at the center of the equation in any well conceived remodeling project.