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Tackling home improvement or home remodeling jobs is a major responsibility of being a homeowner. There are always repairs needed in any home, and as repairs are made, improvements tend to go hand in hand. By keeping up with maintenance and repairs, and upgrading your home from time to time, you are preserving its value, and perhaps increasing it too. Even if you don’t plan to sell, you will have a home that is structurally fit to live in, as well as pleasing to you and your family, and visitors.

The bathroom is one of the most expensive remodeling project you can embark on. It is also one of the most difficult ones as a lot of dust and dirt arises from such work. So, many people tend to take a bathroom remodeling project very seriously. It is important to base your decisions on careful evaluations. You need to consider what your family needs, the dimensions of the room, and of course, your budget. You should also play it safe by bearing in mind what future buyers may be looking for. This can increase your chances of selling your house in the future.

Large bathtubs are certainly very popular nowadays, but you need to make sure that there will be enough room for other utilities and accessories too. Walk-in showers are also highly sought after. Sinks that include two basins, and incorporate a storage space are becoming increasingly popular too. Make sure to leave room for storage space too.

After having outlined some points worth considering, it may be helpful to go into further detail too.

How should you determine the layout?

The layout you choose depends on the space available and on the items you want to include in your bathroom. The latter issue relies on your family’s needs and habits. If for example you prefer to take a shower, there may not be the need to install a bathtub. However, if you decide to sell your house in the future, chances are that some buyers will be reluctant to consider buying it simply because there is no bathtub. Therefore you need to be as open-minded as possible and think ahead when planning your bathroom’s layout.

Bathtub and shower combos are very popular, as are vanity units. If you have only one bathroom in your home, then you should try to find ways which will enable your family to be well catered for nonetheless. For example, you could find a way where the toiler and shower are separated from the area where the sink is. In such a way more than just one person can use the room at the same time, especially early in the morning before leaving for work or school. Try to be practical and at the same time make the best use out of the space available.


Bathroom storage tips and ideas:

There are many things we need to store in the bathroom – towels, facecloths, soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpastes, and the list goes on and on! Thus, it is very important that you find storage space for all of these things. Vanity units are popular, but often, they are still not enough to cram everything inside. So you could consider hanging shelves or wall-mounted cabinets to add more room for the things you need to store. Medicine cabinets are commonly used to. Small items can be better stored if drawer organizers are used.


Choosing bathroom tile

The tile you choose for your bathroom can make a huge difference on the way it looks and the ambiance that is created. There are several types of bathroom tiles you can choose from. These vary in sizes, materials, colors and styles. One thing is for sure – there is such a vast range to choose from that you will probably be spoilt for choice!

Tile can be used anywhere – on the floors, walls, shower stalls and counter tops. Obviously, the type of tile you choose will depend on where you are going to install it, because floor tile differs from wall tile. Bathroom floor tile, for instance, should be anti-skid and water resistant. They should also be non-porous. Most tile is very resistant and durable, but make sure you ask the supplier about their particular characteristics as some may be more suitable than others.

Besides the durability issue, you also need to focus on the aesthetic value of the tile that you choose. Try to decide the style that you prefer. A classic bathroom will demand traditional tile with patterns and textures that differ considerably than tile used in a modern bathroom. You should also take into account the size of your bathroom. If the room is rather small, you should opt for lighter shades. On the other hand, if the bathroom is quite large, darker colored tiles will create a better ambiance. Try to find ways which will create contrasts and attract attention.

When buying tile, it is very important that you buy extra pieces so as to make sure that you have some reserved for future needs. When tiles get chipped or broken you would want to replace them. In such a case you would be pleased to have a box of extra tile stored away as it is very difficult to match tiles if a considerable amount of time has passed since you bought them.


Types of Tile

Let us now discuss some different types of bathroom tiles that you can choose from.

Ceramic tile is quite popular and come in different styles and colors, so the sky is your limit! Non-porous ceramic tile is very easy to maintain and they can be used anywhere you want. Make sure you choose slip resistant ones if you are planning to use them for your bathroom floor.

If you want to have an awe-inspiring bathroom that looks exquisitely extravagant and elegant, you may wish to consider granite or marble. Other popular options include slate, travertine and limestone. Bear in mind that they can be quite slippery, especially after being polished. So make sure you choose anti-skid stones. Having said that though, these options are popular for many because they are not only beautiful, but also durable and strong.

Glass and ceramic mosaic are also used by many nowadays. They are available in several colors and textures and require little maintenance. Mosaic tiles are often used in showers.

For those who do not want to spend much, vinyl tiles are a great option. They are cheaper than most other options, yet they are still durable and water-resistant. They are also very easy to install and maintain.

Tile can totally change the way your bathroom looks. However, besides choosing  carefully and make sure that they are installed properly. It is best to hire one of Firenze’s recommended professional tile contractors for this job, especially if you have a space with a lot of cuts or corners.

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